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"To be, …OR NAH?"

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Time is a social construct.

One day…

Best advice!

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Finger Coil Tutorial Posted!!!!!! I know you sistas been waiting, sorry it was some technical difficulties, but its up! Go check it out comment, and subscribe!! #mynaturalsistas #naturalhair #coils #curls #kinkycurly #youtube #tutorial #nappyhappy #fingercoils #twa #shorthairdontcare #howto #hair

It is important to step away from make-up as much as possible, because you dont want to lose yourself in it, and believe your someone your not. step back and reflect, and remember you are beautiful naturally how God made you. Make up is a accessory, art, and a fun part of being a woman. We understand those with skin conditions may have it harder to believe in themselves, and those thats been in accidents and have scars now, but don’t let that handicap yourself worth. Our mom raised us not to depend on it, and taught us to love ourselves. Here is my invitation to you, remove the make up, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself “I am beautiful.Just as He created me. No matter what anybody thinks or says. I am comfortable in my own skin.” Do this as much as possible, go out in public without make up, and you will see your confidence grow. You sistas are all beautiful to us. -Carmen #nofilter #nomakeup #natural #mynaturalsistas @lynnettessilhouettes @nobodiesperfectfitness #carmen #confidence